Mother/Daughter Elegant Photoshoot

When people arrive in my studio, my ultimate goal is to give them an amazing experience where they will leave and have had a fun, exhilarating day.  I recently did a shoot whereby the mother only wanted pictures of her daughters taken.  I managed to convince her to join in the fun and have her hair and make-up done and have a few shots taken with her daughters.  I even went as far as to convince her to borrow one of my black gowns for some rather elegant portraits of herself.  Below are some of the results.

Getting all prettied up

Getting Ready

young girl drressed in a tutu and looking like a little ballerina

young girl drressed in a tutu and looking like a little ballerina




Little ballerina


Little Fairy Princess

IMG_8204-2 copy-2

Little Princess


All Grown UP


Two Peas in a pod


The ‘Girls’


Beautiful Smile


Young Looking Mother of Teenagers


Elegant Portrait


Elegant Portrait in Black


Typical Teenager

All Grown up Beautiful Teen It's all in the Eyes


Mystical Forest Shoot

Last fall, I had the wonderful experience of working with a model who was willing to let me try my hand at something that I really hadn’t touched before.  I wanted to do a shoot in the woods with a mystical, fantastical feeling to it.  The day in Ayer’s Cliff was beautiful and I set about looking for spots on my land that would be appropriate for this type of shoot.  I finally found a spot  and decided to use the fallen tree and the canopy of leaves that filtered the light and was giving me the type of feel that I wanted to obtain.  Below are a few images from this shoot.


Mystical Sunrise

Mystical Sunrise

Nymph in the burning woods

Nymph in the burning woods

Ethereal Sunrise

Ethereal Sunrise