Mother/Daughter Elegant Photoshoot

When people arrive in my studio, my ultimate goal is to give them an amazing experience where they will leave and have had a fun, exhilarating day.  I recently did a shoot whereby the mother only wanted pictures of her daughters taken.  I managed to convince her to join in the fun and have her hair and make-up done and have a few shots taken with her daughters.  I even went as far as to convince her to borrow one of my black gowns for some rather elegant portraits of herself.  Below are some of the results.

Getting all prettied up

Getting Ready

young girl drressed in a tutu and looking like a little ballerina

young girl drressed in a tutu and looking like a little ballerina




Little ballerina


Little Fairy Princess

IMG_8204-2 copy-2

Little Princess


All Grown UP


Two Peas in a pod


The ‘Girls’


Beautiful Smile


Young Looking Mother of Teenagers


Elegant Portrait


Elegant Portrait in Black


Typical Teenager

All Grown up Beautiful Teen It's all in the Eyes


Mystical Forest Shoot

Last fall, I had the wonderful experience of working with a model who was willing to let me try my hand at something that I really hadn’t touched before.  I wanted to do a shoot in the woods with a mystical, fantastical feeling to it.  The day in Ayer’s Cliff was beautiful and I set about looking for spots on my land that would be appropriate for this type of shoot.  I finally found a spot  and decided to use the fallen tree and the canopy of leaves that filtered the light and was giving me the type of feel that I wanted to obtain.  Below are a few images from this shoot.


Mystical Sunrise

Mystical Sunrise

Nymph in the burning woods

Nymph in the burning woods

Ethereal Sunrise

Ethereal Sunrise

Vintage Inspired Wedding Shoot at Château St. Ambroise in Montreal

A few months back, I did a vintage inspired wedding shoot at Château St. Ambroise in Montreal with the wonderful Fanny Wong and MUA Kitty Mann,  Here are some of the results of that shoot.  The enitre shoot was conducted with ambiant light only.  So no flash, a high ISO and at times a reflector.  Enjoy the results.

As we women know wearing high heels all day long can get quite painful, so here is an image 'au naturel' in regards to shoes

As we women know wearing high heels all day long can get quite painful, so here is an image ‘au naturel’ in regards to shoes

Thinking on the big Day

Thinking on the big Day

Stairs and Passageways

Stairs and Passageways

One eyed Bride

One eyed Bride

Giggles in the Maze

Giggles in the Maze

Bannisters and Lines

Bannisters and Lines



Hats and Hands

Hats and Hands

Backlit Window

Backlit Window

Pretty in Flowers

Pretty in Flowers

Woe on Black

Woe on Black

Cars at Château St. Amboise

Cars at Château St. Amboise

Family Portraits

I recently had the honour and priviledge of working with a wonderful family and creating some everlasting memories for them.    I love these guys.  They are absolutely wonderful and have the cutest kids possible.  Making them look good was not too difficult as they are already beautiful on their own.    I hope that you appreciate some of the following images.

_MG_1866 _MG_1892 _MG_1975 _MG_1976 _MG_1980 _MG_1987 _MG_1999-Edit _MG_2010-Edit-Edit _MG_2026-Edit _MG_2035-Edit _MG_2036-Edit _MG_2048-Edit _MG_2068 _MG_2102 _MG_2126-Edit _MG_2140-Edit-Edit _MG_2186 _MG_2222 _MG_2224 _MG_2226

Boudoir Photoshoot with a look at Before and After.

I recently did a photoshoot with a beautiful you woman.  Everyone believes that they can take a good picture with their point and shoot camera or their iphone’s, blackberry’s etc.  However,  the difference between a good picture and a great picture takes planning.  Make-up, hair, clothes, setting up the sceen, how do you want to be represented, and lastly post-production or retouching.  I wanted to show everyone how a little planning will get you the great shoot.  Check out the following:


Before & After

Boudoir Photography

Getting your model comfortable and posing her to get her best feminin angles.

Boudoir shoot à la Dita Von Teese with Marie

I wanted to try my hand at a little more boudoir and was inspired by Dita Von Teese.  She has the retro or vintage look all the while looking rather contemporary.  If found a model who when posed the right way looks so much like Dita she could be her sister.  We had a great time doing this shoot and hope that it will lead to more in the future.

Interested in doing a boudoir shoot with me that has a vintage twist to it?  Just contact me. I’ll be thrilled to oblige.

Enjoy the results of our shoot.

À la Dita

Dita Von Teese, inspiration for your shoot

Marie à la Dita, her idol


Playful boudoir


Vintage corsette with modern accessories,

50s and 60s Vintage Fashion Shoot at the Old Montreal Port

In June, I had the priviledge of working with an amazing hair and make-up artist called Tomoko Hidaka and a clothing stylist called Camille Perreault.  They managed to work together in order to help me make my vision of an outdoor vintage shoot come to fruition.

Vintage 50s Fashion look in Rue Des Artists, Old Montreal

Vintage 60s look in rue des Artists, Old Montreal

Old Port with the Jacques Cartier Bridge in the background

Vintage 60s look in at the Old Port in Montreal

50s Vintage Fashion or Retro Fashion Photoshoot, whichever you prefer

A few weeks ago I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Bobbi from Tarte Nouveau who is a creator of fastenator hats.  We thought it would be great to shoot these little hats on models as opposed to doing a catalogue type shoot that would just show case the hats.  In using models, we are able to show the public how these hats can be worn.

The day was very long as I live on the south shore of Montreal and Bobbi lives on the North shore, but once we reached our destination, the two models were ready and willing to do and try anything and any location to turn this into something wonderful.  We also must not forget Bobbi’s husband who was generous in feeding us both lunch and dinner.  He’s the type of guy a girl must hang on to.  However, I digress.

If you like what you see please do not hesitate to leave a comment, follow my blog or contact me.  As well, If you would like to obtain a wonderful little fastenator hat for yourself, check out Bobbi’s website at:


50s Retro look brought into the modern era

Vintage setting using a retro color scheme

Look at me! Sweet Madame Blue

Blue Retro Fashion

Vintage Polly in Retro stair setting


Rose hat with pattern

Flapper Girl

Vintage 30s and 40s Flapper girl

Pink and white checkered hat

Retro Fashion

Pin-up style 50s vintage

50s Vintage

Black and white fastenator hat

Vintage look and hat

Fastenator hat to optain hats

50s Vintage Photoshoot in Old Montreal

A couple weeks ago I had the priviledge to work with two wonderful and amazing people who enabled me to produce some pretty darn good images for my vintage photography series.  These amazing people where Tomoko Hidaka a make-up artist who has been in the business for quite a few years and donated her time to my cause.  You can check out her work on her website at: and the other amazing person I worked with was Camille Perreault who is a clothing stylist.  You can view her work on her website at:

I also worked with two great models Emilie Benoit and Emily O’Connor and was assisted by En JuLee.  All together we made an amazing team.

I am attaching a few images of my Vintage Shoot.  These were all done in Montreal near the waters edge.  The setting was beautiful and the temperature was equally cooperative (not always the case in our part of the world).  The clothing was supplied from H & M with some of the clothing and accessories being vintage pieces provided by myself and Camille.  This shoot was inspired by a Vogue shoot that I had run across a while back.

Hope you enjoy the images.  I will be posting more in a few days time.

50s Vintage inspired shoot done in Old Montreal

Ballerina style pose

Walkway in front of the St. Lawrence River