Iphoneography – Big Button Camera App

As you are all well aware, there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of photography apps out there today. Some are better than others. The Big Button camera app is one that I have found particularly interesting because it enables the photographer to change the exposure of a shot as well as focus on something else. The best part…. It’s free.

Here’s how it works, If you are taking an image with the regular iphone camera app, the final result might not be what you really want. Imagine someone standing in front of a window. Chances are with the regular app, your person will look like a shilouette and there will be no details in the persons features. Well with this app, you could set your exposure button on the person themselves and it will know that this is what the camera should be exposing for.

This first image is a regular picture taken with the iphone app.  the focusing and exposure take part mostly in the center of the image.

Now consider the Big Button Camera app.  As you can see below, and this was done on purpose,  the green exposure rectangle has been moved over onto the light fixutre.  this is easily done by taking your finger and moving the exposure square around the image to get the exposure of your subject just right.  The blue circle is the focusing circle.  This is where the focusing of the image is being done.

Now, if we move the green exposure button where we are more in the midtones, the exposure is already much better.  You can always play around with the exposure and focus buttons on the screen so that you obtain the correct exposure and focus for your picture

Another feature of the big button camera that can be rather useful is the big button itself that allows you to use your entire screen as a picture taking button.  This enables you to take a picture just by touching your screen.  No more looking for the little button to click on.

The burst button is also a feature that can be interesting to some people.  Selecting this option programs the camera to take three successive images with just one click of the shutter.  This could be useful when trying to get a specific expression or that magical moment in an image.

The last feature that I find rather interesting is that there is a social network sharing menu that you can enable in this app so that you can share all your master pieces with your friends.