I am a mother,  I am a daughter, I am a wife, I am a sister, I am an aunt, I am a woman and I am beautiful.

As a female photographer in the Sherbrooke area of the Eastern Townships, I have photographed and witnessed many women over the years who feel that they are not ‘pretty enough’, or ‘skinny enough’ or ‘young enough’ to be in front of my camera.  To these women I say, grasp the moment.  You are beautiful now!  I can show you how beautiful you are right now, not next year, not more toned or more fit or lighter, but now.

I am passionate about all things that are vintage.  As a little girl I always dreamed of wearing dresses from the 1700 and 1800s.  I wanted to be beautiful and feel beautiful so that I could be loved.  Wisdom has shown me that external beauty comes and goes but the interior beauty that a woman has is eternal and leaves its mark on all those that are touched by these women and invariably these women are loved.

So love yourself today and embrace the beauty that you are.

I specialize in all types of Photography, including:

  • Family Photography
  • Fashion Photography
  • Kids Photography
  • Portraits Photography
  • Vintage
  • Pinup Photography
  • Maternity Photography
  • Glamour Photography

I will incorporate feminin touches, pretty little things, accessories and vintage items into your images.

My mission is to provide quality service at an affordable price. With our expertise and experience in the industry, we guarantee that all of our customers will be satisfied.   So if you live in the Sherbrooke area of the Eastern townships, don’t wait, contact me now for your ultimate experience in pampering.



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